Water painting

We all know painting is soooo much fun but sometimes we just don’t have the time to get the painting gear out, or more importantly, the time for the clean up! This experience can be done in an instant and there is no pack up.

This experience started with a loose parts tray (pictured below).

As you can see, the loose parts tray had a plastic container and paint brushes in it. After exploring the other resources, I asked Alex if he would like to paint with some water. I don’t think he quite understood but he loves painting so was in regardless!

I helped him put a small bit of water into the tub (so it wasn’t too heavy) and he was straight into it after a short demonstration from mum.

Painting is fantastic for developing creativity, imagination, coordination and with an experience like this, balance as it incorporates the whole body.

Alex soon moved on from discovering how the water absorbed into the house bricks. He learnt about absorption by painting the water onto our wooden railing, the downpipe, the metal fence and then his plastic pick up truck.

We extended this experience by throwing water at the wall to see what shape it made and then by dribbling it down the wall slowly to see how far it could get before the brick absorbed it. It was a great, unexpected experience for both of us.

Amy xx

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