Rice is so much fun!

It really did take me way too long to discover how awesome dyed rice is! I wish I had given it a go many years ago when I ran a kindy room.

Oh well, better late than never!

How to dye rice:


  • As much rice as you like!
  • A dash of vinegar
  • As much or as little food dye as you need to make the colour you desire
  • A container to mix it in (a zip lock bag is perfect for mixing the ingredients evenly however I prefer to put them in a baking tray and stir with a fork so I don’t contribute more plastic to waste but I’ll leave that up to you)


  • Put all ingredients together and mix until you have covered all rice evenly
  • Leave in a non pourous container to air dry, turning it over occasionally


Here are some ideas of how to play with your awesome new rice.

Home corner/pretend play cooking

Kmart play tray with sea creatures and shells

Natural resources mixed with a range of loose parts and rice

A different selection of loose parts

Mini rice shakers

Rainbow rice shakers

Have fun and feel free to share your own ideas!

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