Crepe paper painting

I am always looking for new ideas to try and I had heard about crepe paper painting so I thought I would give it a go.

My son and I put a white A4 piece of paper in a metal cooking tray (the best option at the time) and together we tore strips of crepe paper and placed them on the paper.

There was no rhyme or reason to it, we just ‘did’ and it was fun.

The next step was to add water. I gave Alex a bottle of water and he squirted some in.

He then tipped the tray and spread the water all over.

We headed outside to tip out the excess water.

It looked ok at that stage and that’s where we should’ve left it. When we pulled the crepe paper off, it left only pale marks and I believe it’s because we washed the colour away with all the excess water.

It looks ok and Alex was happy with it but I wanted to see if it could be done better!

After Alex went to bed I had my own turn.

I placed the strips in lines and dribbled a tiny bit of water on to each colour. It wasn’t even enough to make the paper soggy. I used a Pump water bottle but a pipette would be ideal (or even try a spray bottle – that’s what I’ll be doing).

The results speak for themself! Bright beautiful colours!

Before wetting the crepe paper:

After wetting the crepe paper:

After about 2 minutes I took the crepe paper off and this was the result:

I love it and hope you’ll give it a go too!

Amy xx

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