Making a simple ribbon tugging box for your baby

Toys are not cheap!! Why not make a simple ribbon tugging box for your baby to enhoy for hours and hours. I started out with an empty nappy wipes box and some marble contact fron K-Mart. I covered the box and it made a huge difference. Next I put holes in the box using a meat thermometer (I had planned to use a metal skewer but couldn’t find it). The meat thermometer was the perfect size/thickness. Scissors are too big because the hole they cut will be too big for the ribbon and it will fall out. The holes were well spaced and done exactly the same on opposite sides of the box. Because of the small holes it can be tricky to get the ribbon through. I used tweezers to pull it through when it wouldn’t come easily. After getting it through both sides I tied 3 knots in each end. Once all the ribbons were in, I stuck the top down with clear packing tape. My son then got to play with it! If you have any questions please let me know!

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