Make your own ribbon balls for your baby or toddler

These fantastic ribbon sensory balls are great for babies and toddlers and even some preschoolers will find them entertaining and challenging. I purchased a couple of different hollow balls from K-Mart (one K-Mart brand and one O-Ball) to get started. I then purchased some different coloured and textured ribbon from my local cheap shop (the different colours and textures add to the sensory experience). Using my trusty Eiffel tower scissors from Typo I cut pieces of ribbon roughly 20-30cm long (no shorter than that or they could become a choking hazard). Each ball had a different amount of space to fill so I cut as much as was necessary to fill each type (more for the O-Ball as it didn’t have a bell inside like the K-Mart brand one). Once they were cut I pushed the ribbons inside each ball (harder to do than you’d think) and handed them over to my 2 year old. He loved them and was playing with them for ages! He preferred the K-Mart one because it was more of a challenge. Once he had pulled all of the ribbons out he began figuring out how to push them back in. An easy to make activity that your child can enjoy over and over again!

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